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    3. Simons Maison - home fashion


      Coastal Treasures

      Raw, natural materials, fishing nets, seashells... They remind you of your adventures by the Atlantic Ocean, where you'd spend your days walking along the beach, admiring the sailboats, and savouring the fishermen's catches.

      Simons Maison Exclusive

      Relax patch cushion


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      Montreal, Quebec

      The new graphic vases by Marie-Pier Guilmain and Maud Beauchamp are filled with sunshine and travel, telling a story of Morocco, its colourful architecture, and its colourful countryside.

      No 1 Horizons Taupe-Coloured Stoneware Vase Handmade by mpgmb at Fabrique 1840
      No 6 Horizons Lilac Stoneware Vase Handmade by mpgmb at Fabrique 1840
      sHorizons Stoneware Vase Collection Handmade by mpgmb at Fabrique 1840
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