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      Accessories - women's accessories

      Packs That Have Your Back

      A utilitarian look, well-designed compartments... our backpacks are stellar (and stunning) sidekicks for simplifying your everyday.

      Ucon Acrobatics

      Ison backpack

      Women's backpacks at Simons

      A sweet little something to brighten up your everyday.

      Up to


      60 %

      Shop Your Favourite Bag Styles

      The Beach
      Brought To You

      Jewellery with bright colours, natural shells, and shimmering metals reminds us that summer isn't cancelled!

      Natural shell jewellery at Simons

      Aviators, cat-eyes, geometric shapes... our timeless and flashy frames will add elegance and edge to your summer styles.

      Women's sunglasses at Simons
      Starting at


      Indispensable Socks

      It's the season for foot liners! Light and practical, they'll slide discretely into you favourite pair of sneakers.

      Foot liners for women at Simons

      Italian Leather Bags

      On promo for a limited time

      Save up to 30% on our exclusive collection.

      Women's Italian Leather Bags on promo at Simons
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